Dobrovolnicke akcie na hrade Tematín

Dobrovoľnícke akcie na hrade Tematín za účelom záchrany hradu. Pri záujme nájdete termíny akcií na www.tematin.eu, ktoré sa uskutočňujú pravidelne každé 2 týždne na hrade.

Lúka 16h 09.09. - 21.12.2020

Medzinárodný festival Divadelná Nitra - Územie étos

Tento rok sa uskutoční už 29. ročník Medzinárodného festivalu Divadelná Nitra. Samotný festival sa uskutoční od 24. septembra do 1. októbra 2020 v Nitre s podtitulom Územie étos. Hlavný a sprievodný program ponúkne návštevníkom rôznorodé umelecké...

Nitra 28h 21.09. - 01.10.2020

Children’s Home Assistant

A Peruvian’s childhood is one of the most vulnerable and unprotected periods of his or her life. Two thirds of children under the age of 5 live in poverty, and 2 out of 10 live in extreme poverty. We partner with a non profit local children’s home...

Huanchaco (Peru) 20h 01.09. - 01.06.2021

Special Education Teaching Assistant

When the Special Needs School that we partner with was founded, it was the only special education center in the area. It is tailored to the needs of the 4,500 people in the area with visual impairment; however over the years, additional programs...

Huanchaco (Peru) 25h 01.09. - 01.06.2021

Fair Trade Photography Volunteer

The Fair Trade Photography project is a social enterprise initiative which promotes fair trade photography and products, whilst giving Peruvian teenagers the opportunity to learn semi-professional photography skills. Funds raised by the sale of...

Huanchaco (Peru) 20h 01.09. - 01.06.2021

Pre-School Volunteer

We work with a pre-school located in an informal settlement near Huanchaco where the poverty rate is high and access to education is low. This school is the only social project in this community to aid the immigrants who moved to the coast full of...

Huanchaco (Peru) 25h 01.09. - 01.06.2021

Music School Volunteer

Since the school was founded, it has been devoted to training locals to become professional and/or certified musicians and teachers. Your role as a volunteer will be focusing on their children’s program, which is designed to provide children and...

Huanchaco (Peru) 20h 01.09. - 01.06.2021